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Crafts for Sale






 Patriotic, Christmas and other Holidays

Wreathes, Baskets, etc sold at Craft Fairs


What you see in pictures is dedicated to our troops in harms way. The cost is from $8 to $40.  All proceeds go to support our troops. The money raised goes to pay for the high cost of shipping. We send packages all year around to let them know that they are in are hearts and on our minds.

We give for free “Yellow Wreathes”, at the wife/husband's request, to put on their front door. We send Food, Snacks, and Toiletries.  In addition to this, during parts of the year we send the troops home baked goodies.

Our troops are there all year and as such we feel that they deserve packages all year around. God Bless Our Soldiers.
Little Adam Moma Our Mascot


Here where some of the items being prepared for the 2012 Craft Fairs. Everything shown below has been sold except for the Beaded Eagle Flag. Unfortunately, the cost of materials was close to the selling price of $35. We are in the process of making new items for the 2013 Craft Fair season. When pictures become available they will be posted.

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