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Daisy Girl Scouts Troop 1277 signed the flag to be sent for Valentines Day. A Special Forces Platoon in Afghanistan received it and sent this picture back to us.

Also I wanted to share with you a poem Kaitlin (see picture) recently wrote as a class assignment.  They were given the assignment to write about something they treasure.   Making care packages and valentines for R Soldiers in January had an effect on Kaitlin. Kaitlin is on the couch second from the left.

American Flag

 Can you see the flag with colors Red, White and Blue?

 Can you see the flag faithful and true?

 Hold your hand to your heart and remember our brave start.

 Think of a soldier everyday when you run and play.

 When you’re in bed all safe and sound think of the soldiers sleeping on the ground.

 Pray for them with all your might that they will have sweet dreams tonight.


By: Katie Grace (Kaitlin)

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