Support R Soldiers
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Volunteers for Support R Soldiers


Garage Sales


To work at Garage Sales:

Help setup in early morning and/or take down at night. Work as a team in sales of goods during the day. Enjoy the camaraderie of our support group.

Help Pick-up items for sale:

Requires two or more people to pick-up items from supplied addresses with one

of the parties having a pickup truck. Pick-ups are on random days so any day or days you can help would be appreciated.

Have a pickup truck to help with pick-up of items:

As the title implies, have a pickup truck that can be used? The PU owner would be half the pick-up team.


Car Wash



Work in a planning committee to secure a site. Have car wash equipment available for use such as hoses, mitts, buckets and car soap. Schedule volunteers to be available. Have signboards made and any other form of advertising.

Volunteers to work car wash:

Sign up to work specified times during the day. Will need a setup and breakdown crews.


Recycling Donations


Drop-off recyclable glass, plastic and aluminum cans to our collection point at 421 Amhurst Circle in Folsom, CA.  By appointment, we can pick-up large plastic bags full of recyclables.




Craft Meetings:

Meet to discuss new ideas and ongoing designs for crafts to raise funds. Note: All new crafts must be presented with a budget to the Directors of Support R Soldiers.

Craft Building:

Work alone or in groups to layout and build designs that where discussed in the craft meetings

Craft Selling:

Sell crafts at different functions such as fairs, shows, etc.


Storage of Products and Crafts


Do you have a garage, warehouse, spare room or closet to store items for Support R Soldiers between usages? Can you store larger items such as furniture collected for Garage sales? This is generally only for a week or two leading up to the next Garage sale.


Store Front Table Dates


Table dates start in early October and end around the first of December. All table dates require at least two people to function properly. New volunteers are not pushed into working table dates but will work with an experienced person who will train you in how to do it the Support R Soldiers way. It is not hard and can be both fun and rewarding. Table dates include working at storefronts such as Walmart, Big Lots, Grocery Outlets, 99 cents store, etc. We basically supply a “Soldiers Wish List” for the customers of the stores to choose item(s) they wish to buy that we then send to our soldiers.


Promotional Events


These are non-selling events and as such we want people to become interested in what we do as a group. Promotions encompass such events as parades, displaying our name at store fronts, having large groups of people sign the flags we send to our soldiers, working charity events for other groups just to promote our cause, etc.


Shipping to R soldiers


The packing and shipping to the soldiers goes on all year round but at Christmas time it can be especially heart warming to help with the shipping. We ask the  Boy and Girl Scouts to help which they have done with great enthusiasm.


Cards and Letters


At different times of the year we appreciate getting dozens if not hundreds of cards and letters to send to the soldiers. They can be for Valentine Day, Veterans Day ,  Fourth of July , Memorial Day , Christmas , etc. The cards do not have to be store purchased cards and in fact homemade cards are usually the best as they come from the heart as they are made. Cards made by Children and young adults are the most wanted. Children  should have their first name and age on them. If you plan to volunteer cards and letters let us know in advance so we can plan for them in the shipping schedule.

Note:The soldiers have expressed to us that they would love to hear from young adults their age





Would you like to attend our meetings? We would love to have you attend and interact with us. We are always open to improve what our group does for the soldiers. Email or phone us and we will contact you about our next meeting. or 916-439-1948



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